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Tired of spammy guest post requests and awkward outreach emails from random people?

PostJoint puts you in control of working with writers, marketers and brands - you initiate the contact when you see an attractive opportunity.

Our hand picked marketers add new opportunities daily and we've already filtered out the spam so you don't have to.

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Receive targeted daily alerts Receive targeted daily alerts

Tell us what sort of topics you blog about (and care about) using keyword level targeting and we'll send you a fresh batch of targeted opportunities rolled into one daily email. So if you only want opportunities about 'technology' and 'Apple' with a budget of $100+, that's what you'll get. Scan through them, and when something takes your fancy, submit an offer and start a dialog with the marketer quickly and easily.

We're not a dodgy link network We're not a dodgy link network

We connect like minded marketers and bloggers. Using PostJoint leaves no footprints and we're selective about the marketers we work with. We never share your personal details with anyone. You won't receive unsolicited messages and you won't be added to a public database.

You're not obliged to do anything You're not obliged to do anything

Don't like any of our post opportunities? No problem! You're not obliged to make any offers at all. But if you like what you see and do make an offer, only the user who created the opportunity will know about it. We've designed PostJoint so that you're in total control and with full respect for your privacy.

Clean control panel built for productivity Clean control panel built for productivity

Our unique control panel lets you easily make offers, message our marketers, track your earnings, manage your opportunities, and so much more. Built with simplicity and usability in mind, you'll be making offers, making new connections, and earning money, in no time.

Who doesn't want a profitable blog? Who doesn't want a profitable blog?

We appreciate that it takes hard work, time and money to run a quality blog which is why we believe bloggers deserve to be paid. Some might not agree but the truth is money is usually exchanged somewhere along the line. With PostJoint you decide if you want to charge our marketers a fee or simply take part just for the great content.

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