About PostJoint

Who's behind it

PostJoint is brought to you by a small team of marketers and engineers from a digital agency background.

We were using content marketing to promote our clients' websites, raise awareness and drive traffic - but it was a headache to find enough of the right opportunities and manage the whole process of prospecting, content creation and admin.

In 2011 we set out to develop a content marketing platform for marketers and bloggers to streamline the process of arranging publishing deals.

Then came the rise of content marketing and the decline of easy-to-do SEO, confirming in our minds that we were doing the right thing.

The public beta was launched in November 2012 after an initial development run lasting over 12 months with a budget of $100,000.

As of November 2013, we are processing over 3000 posts per month with several thousands registered users including many renowned agencies and brands. We’ve also helped our bloggers to earn nearly $400,000.

Bringing marketers and bloggers together

As ROI from channels like search and display becomes increasingly tight, marketers are seeking to engage their audiences in less interruptive and more meaningful ways. PostJoint is designed with digital marketers and agencies in mind, so they can quickly and easily get their content in front of a targeted audience across the 'long tail' of quality blogs.

We also want to provide bloggers, big and small, with the opportunity to generate more revenue from their blog than they can with AdSense, banner ads and affiliate networks. And to provide them with a fresh source of quality, non promotional content for their sites.

PostJoint has quality control at its core, with a unique blend of technology and human moderation. We don't accept badly written content or low-quality blogs, and our moderators are on hand to guarantee that PostJoint never becomes a breeding ground for spammy marketing tactics. In fact, we decline around 70% of the blogs that apply to join us for this reason.

What PostJoint isn't

PostJoint is not a blog or article network. There are no widgets, codes or logos connecting the blogs together. Nobody can browse lists of our member blogs and nobody can scan the posts in the system. PostJoint is an independent intermediary - we foster connections between like minded marketers and bloggers.

Get in touch

Have an idea? Want to partner with us? We'd love to hear from you.

Please visit our support centre where you can contact us, leave feedback and find answers to your queries.

You can also write to us at PostJoint, 450 Oak Grove Ave, Menlo Park CA 94025, United States.